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Miguel is a young fisherman, loved by people in his small coast town in Northern Peru. The town is known for its religious rituals related to death. Miguel is married to beautiful Mariela, who is about to give birth to her first child. But Miguel has a secret. He is in love with Santiago, a painter who is rejected by most of the people for being notorious and agnostic.


The situation gets complicated when Santiago drowns by accident at sea. Santiago’s ghost returns and asks Miguel to find his body and to bury him, according to the town’s rituals so his soul can rest in peace. Miguel has to choose: if he accepts, he will reveal his relationship with Santiago, only the people closest to the dead ones can perform the ritual, and he will ruin his marriage and his reputation forever. If he doesn’t, he will sentence his lover to eternal angst.


Miguel tries by all the means to conceal the situation, but the town’s obsession with Santiago’s disappearance, Mariela’s suspicions, which grow more certain, and the insistence of Santiago’s ghost to rest in peace, make him face his own fears and prejudices and to show to everyone around him, but especially to himself, that he is an honorable man and a man who keeps his word, even if that means loosing everything he has achieved.


Fondo NRW Filmstiftung: Germany
Fundación Carolina: Spain, Madrid
Highlight Talent Project Berlinale: Germany, Berlin
Honorable Mention – Film Script Contest of the Festival de Cine de La Habana
Film Script Competition OUTFEST

Project Info:

Director: Javier Fuentes
Writer: Javier Fuentes
Producers: Rodrigo Guerrero – DYNAMO (Colombia); Ole Landsjöaasen – NEUECAMEOFILM (Germany); Javier Fuentes – El CALVO FILMS (Peru); Emilie Georges – LA CINÉFACTURE (France).
Cast: Manolo Cardona, Tatiana Astengo, Cristian Mercado
Principal Photography: Octubre – Diciembre 2008
Genre: Gay Drama
Countries: Colombia – Perú – Alemania – Francia

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