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dynamo Capital S.A. is the management company for the Private Equity Fund for Hispanic-American Film I (FCPCH I).

The Fund's objective is to invest its financial resources in film projects with commercial potential in Latin America, Spain and Latin US.

This website will provide investors with exclusive access to information and documents related to the current state of your investment, to the state of projects already executed by the Fund, and to film market information in general.

If you want to invest in the Private Equity Fund for Hispanic-American Film I (FCPCH I), please browse our site and learn about our professional team and investment portfolio.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about dynamo Capital operations.

Film investments

Anger (Rabia):

An impossible relationship played by two lovers condemned to live in the same bourgeois mansion. He’s hiding. She’s free. And both will have to surrender to the consequences of a crime… and the anger from which it emerged.

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Christmas Night (Noche Buena):

A Colombian upper class family will go through its worst (and most ridiculous) economic and domestic crisis ever… precisely on Christmas Eve. The final eruption of the Truth will occur at midnight.

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A love-ghost from the past will make Miguel accept his true essence… before society and before himself.

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Other projects


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